Start Learning

Why Is It So Scary to Start Learning New Things?

Learning something new is, on the one hand, a new experience, inspiration, perspective. On the other hand – the unknown, doubts and problems with motivation. What to do with fears and how not to quit halfway through?

How to Understand That It’s Time to Change Your Profession

If you feel that your career is at a standstill, you are burned out and small trips, playing at a legal online casino, and full of vacations don’t help reboot – think about whether there is enough satisfaction in what you do every day. But first, you need to figure out: are you tired of your colleagues or direct responsibilities? Often it’s the conflicts within the team that cause aversion to work and subsequent burnout, and in this case, it’s enough to change the company.

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But if your first profession you chose for pragmatic reasons: A “decent” field, a “base”, a promising salary – or the decision in general was dictated by your parents, you can think about what you would really like to do in life.

What to Do if You’re Afraid of Learning a New Profession 

First, an important clarification: this is normal. You have already spent several years studying and may have worked in one specialty for some time or even most of your life, and now you have to start all over again. At first, you will have to start with small orders, and it is not always clear how in this case, to provide for themselves or the family. Although all this pales on the background of the fact that you are choosing a new business consciously, realizing that along with the difficulties it will bring you a lot of new interest and pleasure.

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Perhaps the lack of experience in a new area deprives you of the feeling of a built-up foundation, but you can take a risk and stay happy for life. Deciding to do something new is always scary, but it’s important to find inspirational benchmarks for yourself. Skills can always be gained, and new connections and money can be made.

Change in adulthood is a chance to feel young again. In our fast-paced world, it’s already hard to imagine someone working in the same position for fifteen years. A new profession can be a turning point for a global career shift.

Maybe a more mature age is orienting you toward other values: a creative profession often allows you to choose your own schedule, spend more time with your family, pay attention to your health, move to another country, and work remotely. You can always find ways to combine study and work to make the career transition smoother and smoother.

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What to Do if Something Doesn’t Work out the Way You Imagined It Would

There will always be some frustration and mistakes along the way. But that’s only part of the journey. It’s okay, because you’re learning something you have no experience in at all yet. It’s going to take some time. Nothing is perfect, so you can allow yourself to do something “well enough.” First, good enough to learn, then good enough for your first project. And in the process, you can always keep honing your skills.

Some people are inspired by more successful people and, taking them as a reference point, move faster toward their goals. But if you are going to be demotivated by this approach, it’s better to try to notice all of your achievements, even the smallest ones, along the way. Don’t devalue what you’ve done yourself.