Time Management

7 Prompts to Improve Your Time Management

Time is one of the worst and “eternal” enemies of all learners. It seems to always slip away when it’s needed most. Every academic project must be submitted by a certain date. Otherwise, students lose a lot of crucial grades. Not all students are fast enough, and it shows that their organization is poor. They need to improve their time management skills.

Some inventive youngsters leave the next online request – Who can correct my essay online quickly? They hope to find a reliable custom writing website, which will correct all the mistakes to submit a flawless essay. It is a common practice among students, and they have enough time for other tasks and duties. Nevertheless, it cannot become a regular solution because most projects must be completed by students. That is why we have stuffed this blog post with 7 useful prompts on how to improve your time management.

Create a Regular Schedule

The first tip to follow is to outline all your future plans. When you know what should be done and when, you do not waste time, nor find out that you have an urgent task. Your schedule ought to include all the relevant tasks and duties, leave instructions, set time limits, etc. Here is what can be added:

  • Short- and long-term tasks;
  • Realistic alarms and reminders;
  • Tasks and descriptions to them;
  • Tools that help to complete your tasks.
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It is necessary to add non-academic tasks as well. They also impact your working schedule because some of them must be done by a certain date. That is why your schedule should be planned with regard to your routine duties.

Set Priorities

The second tip depends on the first one. You should develop a logical system of priorities because not all tasks are urgent or very important. Prioritize them according to the next indicators:

  • Urgency – very urgent, medium urgency, can be done the other day, etc.
  • Importance – ASAP (as soon as possible), medium importance, etc.
  • Complexity – overly challenging, hard to do, easy, etc.

You are free to add any division. Everything depends on your preferences.

Apply Grammarly

One of the best ways to spot all the mistakes and fix them in the blink of an eye is to utilize a famous grammar checker called Grammarly. It is a very resourceful tool that offers a lot of functions and learning options for students. It helps to check your grammar, as well as the way you spell words and apply punctuation marks. 

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The smart tool underlines all errors and offers suggestions. Just click on the error to see the correction. If you agree with it, click on it to correct the error instantly. You should agree that this is a swift way to fix what’s wrong. You don’t even have to think about how it should be corrected or look for the answer in the textbook. 

This app can be integrated into Microsoft Office and your browser. If you have an online connection, it will scan and revise all the pages you open. Thanks to this smart grammar checker, you will definitely save tons of precious time.

Overcome Your Stress

Many students suffer from excess stress while they learn. When you are worried about every assignment or exam, it inevitably reflects on your speed. Your mind is focused on the problems, instead of finding the solutions to them. It delays you because you cannot think logically and clearly. That is why you need to reduce stress in any possible way. Here are a few tips:

  • Sleep well;
  • Consume healthy products;
  • Be physically active;
  • Be positive no matter what happens;
  • Practice yoga or mediation;
  • Try journaling, etc.
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Rest Enough

Students are commonly overly enthusiastic about their homework assignments. They may learn until the night is deep too often. It is a very unhealthy tendency for every person, regardless of his/her endurance. You need to sleep at least 8-10 hours every day to restore energy losses and avoid tiredness and mood swings. When you are full of energy, all the tasks are completed much faster.

Get Away from Distractions

To tell the truth, most students tend to undertake activities that are counterproductive when they try to complete their homework tasks. They need to avoid them. The common distractions are:

  • Playing video games;
  • Watching TV;
  • Talking on the phone;
  • Surfing social media, etc.

Avoid Multitasking

It’s also wrong to undertake many academic tasks at once. You lose energy and lower your attention with every new task. Focus on a single task at a time!

Summing Up

If you have serious problems with time management, use the prompts highlighted in our informative article. They are very effective and will make you more productive, organized, and disciplined. The time won’t slip away without a reason. You’ll be able to use it with a purpose for your academic tasks.