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What Not To Do After Having Botox

There are dozens of different cosmetic procedures available if you want to help yourself look younger. Some are more complex and in-depth than others, but they all offer people the chance to reduce the signs of aging and look how they want to look. 

No matter how many new products come onto the market, Botox remains hugely popular. For many, it is their preferred non-surgical antiaging product. It doesn’t need much preparation, it doesn’t need a lot of recovery time, and the effects, while not permanent, are striking. 

There are some things to remember if you choose to have Botox, but the most important is that you must follow your practitioner’s guidelines about what you can and can’t do after the procedure to ensure a completely successful experience. Read on to find out what some of the rules are so you can be entirely prepared.  

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Don’t Touch The Treatment Area

It will be tempting to touch or rub the area you had treatment in, especially if it is sensitive after the Botox injection. However, if you do touch the site, this can cause redness on the skin and perhaps even bruising. This is because you might be rupturing blood vessels that have already been weakened. You need to not touch the area for twenty-four hours. 

It’s also important not to schedule any other facial treatment for the two weeks following your Botox procedure for the same reason. 

Don’t Wear Makeup 

As we’ve said, touching the treatment area for twenty-four hours after the procedure should be avoided, so it makes sense that putting on makeup for the same time period should also be avoided. After all, when you put on makeup, you’re touching your face, and this can cause irritation at the injection points and make the healing process a longer one. 

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If you like to wear makeup, make sure you schedule your appointment for Botox at a professional medical spa such as dermani Medspa for a time when you can stay home for twenty-four hours and not have to worry about wearing makeup or not. 

Don’t Sleep On Your Front 

If touching your face is considered a no-no after Botox, you can imagine that sleeping on your face would be even worse – and it is. If you lie on your face, you might cause the Botox to move to the wrong areas, meaning you won’t have the appearance you wanted. 

If you’re worried that you might roll over in the night, the best thing to do is to boost yourself up with plenty of pillows. Some people opt to sleep in a recliner chair, but that can result in a bad night’s sleep and lack of productivity the next day, so it’s not an ideal solution. 

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Don’t Drink Alcohol 

Alcohol is a blood thinning agent that makes the blood flow faster around the body. Although most of the time, this isn’t an issue (as long as it’s only temporary, otherwise you might not get the oxygen you need), when you’ve just had Botox, it’s a negative thing, as it can increase the risk of swelling and bruising. You should avoid drinking alcohol for the first twenty-four hours after getting treatment.