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Tips for Adding a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom

After a long day, enjoying a hot shower or a soak in the tub can be the perfect way to unwind. This is an even better experience if your bathroom space is stylish, perhaps even with a hint of spa-like décor. Although your bathroom might not be big enough to transport you into a luxurious spa resort or upmarket hotel, there are some changes you can make to get your décor a little bit closer to this style. Below are some tips on how you can bring a touch of luxury into your home and upgrade your bathroom.

Introduce Houseplants

This is a very easy way to spruce up your bathroom without breaking the bank, and you might be surprised at how much of a difference a few plants make. Not only will they improve the aesthetics in your bathroom, but houseplants can help to improve the air quality in your home as well. Plants that will particularly thrive in this steamy environment include a bird’s nest fern, Chinese evergreen, and aloe vera. Investing in some gorgeous scented candles can also help to enhance the stylings in your bathroom, as well as inspire a more serene environment when you do want to take a relaxing bath.

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Consider Underfloor Heating

This will be a more expensive renovation project, but it is certainly a luxury. Underfloor heating can be a great way to keep warm, especially in those cold winter months. This is ideal for when you are stepping out of the shower and might feel the chill in the room as a result. It is certainly a feature that will impress guests and could even help increase your home’s value, as potential buyers will likely find this to be an attractive addition.

Replace the Countertops

If you do have countertops around your sink in the bathroom, think about whether or not they could use updating. For a timeless style that will feel glamorous, stone countertops such as granite, quartz, or marble could be a perfect choice. Legacy Countertops have a range of options when it comes to these materials if you need some inspiration. You may even want to replace your bathroom floor tiles to match your countertops for a perfect finish.

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Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers have increased in popularity over the decades, and they will make a statement. Not all bathrooms will be suitable for this design, but if you do have the space, it is something worth considering. They allow you to have a much more spacious shower that will feel luxurious and refreshing. Other options to consider as an alternative could be a steam shower that can transform into a steam room for when you have had a long day and want to unwind as though you were in a spa.

If you want to add more luxury to your bathroom to improve your living space and add value to your property, consider the tips listed above and see if they can help you to achieve this.

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