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What Technical Updates In Gaming Industry Are Coming In 2023

Technological trends can be observed in absolutely different spheres. As for the video game industry, which has a turnover of more than $200 billion, changes are taking place all the time. Gamers enjoy the best virtual games that are captivating with their incredible features and are complemented by new trends.

From their inception to today, video games have come a long and difficult way – from vibrant pixel-based platformers to ultra-real open worlds that transport the player to another reality. The incredible development of visuals and interactivity is undoubtedly linked to technological advances. Now gamers can appreciate the best offerings and implementation of virtual reality in popular video games. We propose to get acquainted with the best trends that will be actively developing in the near future.

Metaverse – Immersing in Virtuality

A metaverse is a virtual space where people interact with each other and other digital objects, through avatars and characters. In addition to games, it can be special platforms where people actively communicate.

In the future, corporations such as Microsoft plan to expand the possibilities of the metaverse more. Right now, no one is surprised by remote work, and the use of virtual reality technology, digital avatars, and conference participants. Metaverses are just at the beginning of their popularity right now. Obviously, they will gradually expand to create a unique virtual experience in real-time. This will be appreciated by people all over the world. 

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Cloud Games 

The cloud is absolutely not a new game technology, as it was provided back in 2000. Cloud gaming has a great future because it saves computer memory and provides fun for people for whom PCs and consoles are a luxury.

The idea of cloud gaming is to allow users to play games on different devices without slowing down. In this process, absolutely all aspects are taken into account, including the power needed to run the game.

The cloud gaming market is expected to grow substantially in 2023, as almost all major games can be played through cloud services using subscriptions. The development of 5G technology will only encourage the adoption of cloud games, which are already off to a great start. It will also increase the number of cloud game providers.

Blockchain and Making Real Money from Games

If you consider data up to February 2022, NFT products have reached nearly $2 million in sales. Such games are non-mutual tokens and a key opportunity is to play them in order to earn money. Obviously, such games will be even more popular in the near future, as many people like to combine a hobby with making money.

This is somewhat similar to the gambling industry and online casinos, which are also becoming very popular. Gamblers can play not only in the mobile version through the browser, but also download various applications for a more convenient gambling format. Players can choose reliable online casinos here to play for real money.  

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Popularity of Indie Games

Indie games are games that are created by a small team of developers, without the involvement and support of a publisher. Interestingly, even one person can be the creator of an indie game. It is a great offer in the crowded market of video games, which usually offer only remakes and sequels of famous shooters.

This trend in the games industry has been growing rapidly lately. The latest game that topped the ratings is The Last Of Us Part II. It is an excellent game, the events of which take place in a post-apocalyptic world, and it reached special popularity in the mid-summer of 2022. 

It is worth noting another indie phenomenon, which has become very popular – the famous game Roblox. An excellent platform that enables you to create your own games, and play them with other participants, as it covers a wide range of genres. The original purpose of creating such a game was to engage children in creating other games and to develop their logical thinking, and imagination.

Remakes and Reloads

If you are a fan of video games, you can see the regular releases of remakes based on the great popularity of older games. A remake is an opportunity to reimagine a game that already exists. Developers are engaged in creating a new offer with certain differences while retaining the storyline and main game elements. A remake of Final Fantasy VII was released in 2020. Game features include:

  • The best-selling remake in the U.S. in 2020;
  • Final Fantasy VII was the third best-selling game in 2020;
  • one of the best remakes ever made.
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In the game industry, developers know how well remakes and reloads sell. That’s why it’s common to find any old game in a brand-new version. 

Movies Inspired by Games

Such a trend is quite risky, but creating a game based on a movie is not a bad idea. Many people may recognize such games that were created based on movies:

1.Tomb Raider
2.Need for Speed
3.Resident Evil
4.Mortal Kombat
5.Silent Hill
6.Prince of Persia

Online casinos also offer a large number of themed slots that are created based on popular movies. You can check out the best slots at and enjoy the gameplay in your free time.

There are other exciting games made based on popular movies.

Sonic the Hedgehog, with Jim Carrey, is very popular. A great, fun, and fast-paced movie grossed over $320 million. The movie had a budget of $85 million. Sonic has a large number of positive reviews and is popular among children and adults. The first and second parts have grossed over $400 million worldwide.

In terms of ratings, there is an offer from Netflix, “The Witcher,” starring Henry Cavill. The series has two seasons of 8 episodes each and has been watched by more than 76 million people since the first season launched.