beach photoshoot

The Best Ways to Make an Interesting Beach Photo Shoot

For many, the best way to spend the long-awaited vacation — is a beach holiday. Especially lucky those who have had the opportunity to watch these beautiful views all their life and to know the beauty of the sea in different seasons. Of course, in such places, you can create interesting and very creative photos.

The beauty of light

When we photograph a model, it’s great to take advantage of sunset or dawn. During this period, the sun stands quite low and its rays fall at the desired angle. To create a cool unforgettable photo, you need to put the model between the sun and the camera, while facing the source of light. And when the person completely covers the star, we get a beautiful silhouette. Depending on what we need, we can make the model look absolutely black, resembling a shadow or we can not remove the details by changing the parameters of the camera before that.

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Photographing people in swimming suits or swimming trunks, there are things that are almost impossible to hide. These elements are scars, but in just a few minutes this problem can be solved with the mobile application RetouchMe because almost everyone wants their vacation photos to look flawless.

Never refuse to take almost classic beach photos. You can make a nice family photo by just adding the right twist. For example, ask the family to sit back to your camera and just admire the sea, which will look much more interesting in the result that we get. 

Imagination’s game

When we were kids, a lot of us played on the beach and remember how much fun it was. Using different sets of toys that remind people, you can create very creative photos. To make the image as realistic as possible, you need to put the figure in the open space and lower the camera as low as possible. This way the toy man will take more space in the frame because of the perspective. It should be added that this is a great reason to involve the child in such activities and have a great day in the family.  

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In the same way, you can recreate a whole story with toys and the right environment. Create your own story from several photos, the main thing is to use the same camera without changing the settings. During post-processing, try to keep the same look in the images in the end result. 

Imagination’s game

The world in a bottle

Another simple solution for your creative beach photo shoot will be the use of a bottle. Inside there will be a package of paper with some messages. You may also need a cork and rope for more authenticity of the image. You can bury the bottle a little in wet sand and have it slightly washed by sea waves. 

The picture on sand

One of the options for an interesting photo shoot can be a simple drawing on the sand. It can be a heart, a beautiful quote, or just an important date for you. At the same time, you can ask your child to be photographed next to someone else as a model and you will get a beautiful portrait with the sea in the background. 

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Handmade art

The next way for a creative photo will be for those who like to create various things with their own hands. If your crafts are directly related to nature they will be especially well harmonized when against the background of the sea and the sandy beach. These two components do not add extra, distracting elements to the image. It is recommended to practice such shooting during the sunrise or sunset because at this time the colors are as soft as possible and there will be no extra shadows. 

Many people underestimate the beach as a place for an original photo shoot. Here you just need a little imagination and the right prop to shoot. Do not be afraid to let your imagination run wild and show your creations to the world.