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Guidelines for Sending Anonymous Messages

Sending an anonymous message can be useful if you are avoiding repercussions if the receiver finds the message offensive. To ensure you do not face the receiver’s wrath, consider utilizing anonymous messaging platforms like the private note to make sure the individual you intend to receive the message does not discover your identity. Even when you use an online anonymous messaging platform, there are considerations you should take to make sure your identity is not discovered by the receiver of the message. Online messaging application tools like private note ensure you tag the intended receivers no matter how many they are. Below are some of the tips you should consider when sending an online anonymous message. 

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Select an Appropriate Platform

There are many platforms on the Internet when it comes to sending anonymous messages and choosing the right platform is necessary if you intend to avoid heavy repercussions. There are many different platforms, but few, like private note, ensure you send an anonymous message through secure lines that will protect your identity. As such, ensure you select a suitable platform that does not request your personal information for registration or any process that you may be asked to be involved in. 

Create an Account

Creating an account is a necessary step when it comes to registering on a platform that will enable you to send anonymous messages. As such, when registering for an account, ensure you do not place personal information that could be tracked back to you. Such measures can be taken by selecting a pseudonym, which may include selecting a new email account and an anonymous username. Using any original details could place you in a critical condition where you could be easily discovered by the recipient of the message.

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Careful Selection of Recipient and Wording

When sending an anonymous message, it is essential to select a suitable recipient who will not cause you future troubles when it comes to the recipient’s personal feelings and reactions to the message. In addition, ensure you choose the correct words for your message, especially if you feel the words used are insulting or inappropriate for the occasion. Some words have the potential to arouse intense feelings that force the recipient to engage in intensive research of the sender and such efforts may work against keeping your identity hidden. Also, you may not have the capability of wanting your message to have negative effects on the reader.

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Chose a Secure Location

The whole point of sending an anonymous message is to ensure your identity as the sender is not revealed. As such, sending the message from a secure location is essential in making sure your identity remains hidden from other parties. If you send the message from an open location, ensure you utilize a secure VPN that will keep you hidden from Internet activities.  


Ensuring the account you utilize to send the message is secure should be your top priority. As such, use a robust password that will ensure other users will have a hard time hacking and gaining access to your account. A wise option would be to utilize a two-step verification process for your account to ensure maximum safety.