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Why CBD Oil For Dogs is Becoming a Boom Among Pet Owners

There are multiple ways of handling physical and mental conditions. Some of these ways are more reliable than others, but there are occasions in which traditional methods of treatment can be harmful to our systems, and this of course also applies to dogs as well.

Since dogs can also deal with a lot of physical and mental conditions, it can be a little difficult to find a method of treatment that is both reliable and safe for them. However, recently there’s been a very specific boom among pet owners, and this boom is linked to CBD oil for dogs, an alternative method of treatment that mainly focuses on alleviating pain, inflammation and anxiety.

But before we get to talk about it in more detail, we should first talk about how it has become so popular nowadays, and how you can benefit from it.

The Challenges of Owning a Pet

As pet owners, we usually worry about the well being of our pets. When it comes to being a dog owner, we can say that we are somewhat lucky since among the many pets you can own, they are among the most straightforward and easier to handle. 

However, it doesn’t always mean that things will be easy. It is still a challenge to take care of them in many situations, and it is up to us to ensure they are both happy and healthy.

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For example, owning a dog involves, in many situations, having them engage in enough physical activity, which takes time and requires effort. The more physically active a breed is, the more we will need to take them for a walk and exercise them, mind you on a daily basis, to ensure their mental and physical health. 

Without exercising, they can become depressed, overweight, and at times, engage in destructive and aggressive behaviors that can make things a lot more complicated than they should be.

Thus, before adopting a dog, you should make sure that you are capable of handling the challenge. That being said… What happens when our dog gets sick, or just becomes old? This is when things do become a lot more complicated, mainly because sick and old dogs need to be handled a little bit differently.

Senior dogs are prompt to suffer from a wide range of health problems, most of them related to inflammation and pain. There’s also a very particular affliction known as separation anxiety which is very common in adopted dogs, and can make the coexistence with them a lot more difficult to handle.

Here’s where CBD-based oil can be incredibly helpful, since it is capable of alleviating the symptoms caused by these afflictions. But how does it do it?

Using CBD as a Form of Treatment

First of all, to understand why CBD is capable of providing health benefits, you have to know its origin and how it works. You see, CBD is actually a compound that can be found in medicinal cannabis. Medicinal cannabis has been legalized in many countries all around the world thanks to its medical capabilities, and among its many compounds it contains, the two main ones are CBD and THC.

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These two compounds are capable of influencing several neurotransmitters often referred to as the Endocannabinoid System, which are in charge of directly or indirectly influencing multiple physiological functions of the body, including stress levels, anxiety levels, inflammatory responses, and the generation of pain.

Although the endocannabinoid system, also referred to as the ECS, is still under research, you can learn more about it online.

The Difference Between CBD and THC

Thing is, as many know, THC is actually a psychoactive compound and can put us in a state that can affect our performance at many activities, of course, depending on the amount consumed. However, CBD is non-psychoactive, thus it is capable of providing all the health benefits of medicinal cannabis without its intoxication effect.

That is why all CBD-based products are actually derived from a version of the cannabis plant that contains a lot more CBD and only 0.3% of THC, which is a harmless and effective amount. 

This makes it possible for the products to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, calm down anxiety and panic attacks, reduce stress, and improve quality of sleep. And for dogs, and many other animals, the fact that the products don’t have THC is very important since THC can be toxic for them, causing many side effects that can last for days, even weeks.

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Why Oil, Though?

When it comes to products directed to dogs, you can find snacks, treats, and oils. However, oils are usually the best option for beginners, since it is easier to find the perfect dosage for your dog. 

This is very important since, although CBD oil is considered a very safe alternative to traditional anti-inflammatories and painkillers, it is still capable of causing side effects, and these effects are linked to a higher dosage than your dog can actually handle.

These side effects might involve things like lack of appetite, diarrhea and vomiting. Thankfully, it is very easy to avoid them, since you only need to reduce the dosage. If you want to avoid them from the start, you can start using very small dosages and go up from there until your dog experiences the benefits of the compound.

Size, weight, diet can be important factors to consider, as well as the condition you are trying to handle. If the dog deals with a lot of pain and inflammation, more CBD is recommended. However, if your pet only deals with a mild case of anxiety, less CBD is a wise choice.