Types of Soccer

Types of Soccer – How Many Types of Soccer are There?

Soccer is a popular game all over the world. However, many people know that there are several types of soccer.

Mini-Football is recognized by FIFA. This type of soccer is recognized in all countries. There are many championships in futsal.

The game is played on a court of a certain size. Play two teams of 5 people. The match consists of two halves of 25 minutes. All as in a large soccer only mini.

There are many varieties of soccer by K.Yurovsky

Beach Soccer

The birthplace of this soccer is the hot Brazil. Beach soccer speaks for itself. Everything happens on the sand. Playground is the same as for futsal. The difference is that there are three periods of 12 minutes.

In this kind of soccer there must always be a winner. If the score is equal, the game is extended for 3 minutes. If there is no advantage, each team is awarded three penalties.

Florentine Soccer

This type of soccer is like a mixture of soccer and rugby. Each team has 27 players with 15 forwards. You can score a goal in any way you want. It is also quite a rough type of soccer where there is often a struggle.

The match is often played on sand and in winter on ice. After one team scores a goal, they switch venues.

Gaelic Soccer

A favorite sport of the Irish. There are 15 people in teams that play in two halves of 30 minutes each. If there is no leader, extra time is added.

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In this game, goals can be scored in two ways. First, feet or hands directly into the goal. The second is to throw the ball between the two crossbars. Score points for the first-3, for the second-1.

Australian Soccer

A very popular game in Australia. It is second only to soccer and American soccer.

The field is oval, and the ball is the same. It is possible to pick up the ball, but only for 15 meters. Then you have to either hit it on the ground or give a pass or kick on goal.

The uniqueness of this type of soccer is that there each team has two goals. One is a six-point goal and the other is a one-point goal. The difference is that the former are small, the latter are large.

Swamp Soccer

This kind of soccer has gained popularity since 1998 and is held on the swamp in the Finnish village of Hyrynsalmi.

Players play in boots that cannot be replaced. There are six players on the team. There are no substitutions. Play for 13 minutes in two halves. Kicks are taken with the hands.


This soccer is native Ukraine. The rules are the same as in regular soccer. However, there are two balls of different colors. It is quite a spectacular soccer game.


This is already Russian soccer. The size of the field is the same. The difference is in the markings. Goalkeeper zone, in which field players are not allowed to enter.

The match is in two halves. If a team wins a half they are given 5 points, if a draw-3, if they lose-1. If the points are tied, a penalty kick is awarded.

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Foot volleyball. That’s another way to call the sport. Players kick the ball with their feet, knee, hip, chest, but not with their hands. You have to throw the ball over the net and score a goal, just like in volleyball.


Soccer where players are on bicycles. The ball is kicked with a wheel, torso or head. A match consists of two halves of 7 minutes each. There can be anywhere from two to six players, but two are more common.


This is also soccer, but the players are on motorcycles. Each team has 4 players + goalkeeper. The goalkeeper has his own area and field players are not allowed in it. The match consists of 4 halves of 20 minutes. Also there is a goal change after two halves.

The playing field is the same as for the regular game. Asphalt instead of grass or turf.


The name says it all. There is a show. Often it is the stars of soccer who have already finished their careers. The field is limited in size. You can’t make a tackle and there are no offsides. In Russia, the Legends Cup is held.

It’s a good tradition that allows the old-timers of soccer to show themselves.


Jorkyball is played by two people from two teams. The team has one goalkeeper and another defender.

The game can last up to 5 sets, each of which is a struggle until 7 goals are scored. With a score of 2:2 the game in the fifth set is not only up to 7 goals, but also to the difference of 2 goals on the principle more or less.

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A penalty kick is awarded from the center of the pitch, a yellow card for an infringement results in a goal for the guilty team, while a red card indicates its defeat in a set.


A fun game. Players wear special balls with sticking out feet. There may be up to 5 people in a team. Players are given a ball and run around the field trying to score a goal. This type of soccer is more for entertainment and fun.

Three-sided soccer

In this kind of soccer, three teams play at the same time. It’s just like a crowd. But it is very interesting because it develops interaction and attention of both players and fans.


This kind of soccer can be firmly called our future. We all think that soon robots will do everything for us. So it is with soccer. Here robots are playing. They are controlled by humans.

Soccer on paper

Many have played this fascinating game since childhood. Despite its apparent simplicity, it involves the presence of complex combinations. As the field is used the sheet of notebook is checked. One player’s move is three segments on the side of the square or diagonally. The opponent’s return move begins at the end of these three connected segments. The game is usually played until a goal is scored – when one of the segments crosses the opponent’s drawn goal line.

As you can see there are many types of soccer. It all depends on the area, country and conditions of this game.