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Types Of Hair Care Products To Use After Hair Surgery

Losing your hair can make you feel self-conscious, and have an impact on your confidence, and even your mental health. It can happen to both men and women for a few reasons and can start with hair thinning or receding. Thankfully, there are ways that you can restore your locks to a full head of hair. Visiting a hair transplant clinic turkey means you can take advantage of some of the very best hair transplant procedures so you can feel like yourself again. 

What is hair surgery? 

Hair transplants are common with those that suffer from the genetic and hormonal hair loss that can happen as we age. Technology is becoming more advanced when it comes to hair transplants, so you can take advantage of some of the most natural-looking results, with minimal pain and downtime. Hair transplants are a permanent solution to help restore hair loss, some of the most common procedures are: 

  • FUE transplants: This stands for follicular unit extraction. Your surgeon will extract and graft hair follicles from a donor site (a part of your head or body with hair) and implant them into the problem area. Like most transplant procedures, it’s effective and recovery time is quick. 
  • DHI transplants: During an FUE transplant, your surgeon manually makes incisions into the scalp. However, this type of hair transplant allows your surgeon to use a pen-shaped tool to extract and make channels at the same time, which makes the procedure more efficient. 
  • Sapphire transplants: Again, similar to an FUE transplant but uses sapphire blades for added precision and some of the most natural results. 
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Who can have one? 

Any man or woman can benefit from a hair transplant, however, there are a few factors your surgeon will consider before you can have the procedure. First, you should be sure of the reason you’re losing your hair – if it’s due to genetics or hormones, you could be a good candidate. You will also need to ensure that you have healthy hair on your head to grow in the problem areas and can grow hair on your scalp. Your surgeon will take you through these various tests to ensure you are a good candidate before going ahead. 


Because of the efficiency of these procedures, the recovery process and downtime after the surgery is minimal, but the way you look after your new hair transplant in the days after your procedure is key. When you leave your clinic, your doctor will dress your donor site, and you will be told to sleep in a position that keeps your newly implanted follicles safe. A few days later, you will be able to have your hair washed by a specialist to get rid of any dried blood. After this, you will be able to wash your hair yourself as you continue to recover. 

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Hair care products after surgery 

So, are there any specific types of hair care products you should be used after surgery? Your clinic will provide you with the best shampoo to use to help your new hair transplant thrive. But after the first two weeks, your normal hair care routine will be fine. Make sure you use a non-abrasive shampoo, that does not contain chemicals that could harm your scalp. Tea tree is a great product to look for as it’s gentle and shouldn’t irritate your implanted follicles. As well as this, you could use products that contain biotin, as this is said to be some of the best when it comes to promoting strong, healthy hair growth. Along with shampoo, you should also wear a cap or hat to protect your scalp from sunlight in the earlier stages of recovery. You should always take your surgeon’s advice when it comes to haircare for the best results.

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