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6 Main Benefits of Working With a Software Development Outsourcing Company

For most starting and growing companies, software development outsourcing is a vital part of developing a new project or scaling an existing business. According to a Dailymail article from June 2021, 33% of all businesses surveyed by PA consulting plan to expand their IT outsourcing until 2023. Other 65% are committed to outsourcing at their current rate. Manufacturing (59%) and finance (46%) are the two sectors that plan to make the most of outsourcing. 

My experience working in a bespoke software development company for over a year has shown me the value of building relationships with clients. As it turns out, treating the software vendor as if they were an extension of your own team allows you to make the most of outsourcing. Skilled and motivated IT professionals work hard to create a high-quality custom software solution that will help you enhance your business and accelerate your company’s growth. 

Globalization Calls for Delegation 

After you have defined your key goals and met with the development team that will be in charge of the project, it is critical to identify the right partners. Working with brilliant IT specialists from all over the world who help you succeed has never been easier thanks to globalization. What about small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? Can they gain from outsourcing and how?

According to Forbes, being able to assign non-core responsibilities to skilled specialists, rather than trying to handle everything in-house, is vital during the pandemic and beyond. If you are an SME and try to do everything on your own but don’t have sufficient resources, you risk losing focus and, as a result, damaging your business in the long run.

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Secure Business Domain Expertise 

Outsourcing firms typically focus on several business domains and can offer expert knowledge. Dreamix, for example, is a company that specializes in custom software development, business consulting, product definition, and business project management in the domains of healthcare, transportation and finance.

Working with experienced professionals also means that you gain access to expertise and the assistance of a software development team that exceeds your in-house capacity. As a result, significant projects can be launched sooner, with faster implementations and final deployment. In our dynamic world, the faster your Time-To-Market (TTM) is, the better chances to secure a unique competitive advantage while spending your budget wisely. 

Redefine Cybersecurity 

While the entire world and the vast majority of enterprises experienced the harsh lockdown restrictions of Covid-19 and had to take a leap and accelerate digitalisation as fast as possible, cybercriminal attacks and harmful efforts increased dramatically. Some analysts even see these tumultuous times as a cyber pandemic that is developing in tandem with the biological pandemic. 

Just recently, the whole world was discussing the Log4J vulnerability, a Java logging framework, that took over the news in December 2021. Also known as Log4Shell, this vulnerability can cause DoS and DDos attacks and hackers can create worms that exploit server flaws. Being able to rely on a bespoke software development company means that you can react quickly and communicate possible issues timely and efficiently. Who better to patch your system than the people who designed and built it in the first place?

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Save Money

Cutting down on costs when possible is a big topic for businesses that aim to scale in the next years and expand in capacities. It is no secret that software development outsourcing is a key aspect of a well-thought-out cost reduction strategy. Research by Gartner suggests deciding which budget areas need a revision and what new assets will be needed in a post-pandemic world.

You’re probably aware that most outsourcing companies operate in developing countries, where the standard of living is still lower than in Western countries. For example, some of the key factors to consider when choosing a software development outsourcing company that will also affect your project budget. Geographic location, country infrastructure, language proficiency, talent pool, educated and certified professionals, tax system, are all factors to consider when looking for cheaper developer’s hourly rates. 

Work with a Dedicated Team 

Another benefit that you get by working with a software outsourcing company is that, most probably, you’ll be assigned a dedicated team. The dedicated team model means hiring software developers for a specific time period to execute your dream project. Here, timezone difference, team coordination, and project management are crucial factors to consider prior to making a decision and signing your Service-level-agreement (SLA).

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Make sure that the software development outsourcing company you choose to work with relies on established development processes such as Scrum or Kanban. Nowadays, many dedicated teams choose to implement agile methodologies because of all the unpredictability surrounding most starting projects. With agile dedicated teams, you can also rest assured that project management and team coordination will be flawless.

Future-Proof Your Business 

Hardly anybody could have predicted the outburst of a pandemic, its scale and the massive economic implications that it provoked. The entire economic landscape had to manoeuvre through the unknown and that caused severe field disruption and uncertainty. One thing we’ve learnt from all of this is that we need to future-proof our company practices. 

Why limit yourself to the technical talent in your home country when globalization creates practically unlimited opportunities? Besides, partnering with a software development outsourcing company can bring strategic benefits such as expanding to new markets, reaching new client audiences, exploring emerging technologies and identifying untapped business opportunities. 

Author Biography Aleksandrina Vasileva 

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